Yohei Yama was born in Saitama Japan in 1977. Currently, he lives and works in Regny France.

He was kid who like to draw. At 16 he spent a year in Finland as an exchange student which gave him a taste for travel and he was introduced to skateboarding and snowboarding which had a big influence on his outlook.

At the age of 26, his father gave him an old camera and he started to experiment with photography and three years later, he traveled the length of Japan, playing the ukelele, taking photographs and exhibiting his work. He continued to work as a photographer and went to the Arles International Photography Festival in south France where he started painting. He had his first solo exhibition of paintings in Arles and has continued as a painter since then.

In 2011 he was deeply affected by the accident of nuclear power plant at Fukushima was unable to paint for a while. His current work has been labeled at ‘Op Art’ for its bold geometry and vibrant colours. The images are made up of hundreds of tiny trees. Yohei says…………

“I feel like that I plant little trees on canvas. When FUKUSHIMA accident happened, I was so shocked and could not paint for many days. Suddenly motif of small trees come into my mind, I don`t know why but more I draw more energy overflow, so I revived. Then I realized this is a healing for me, for people, for nature which human destroyed. So I keep on planting little trees on canvas. Nature always inspires me.

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